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The First 72 Hours Book + FREE 7 Guides

The First 72 Hours Book + FREE 7 Guides

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The First 72 Hours is the second book from Damian Campbell, bestselling survival author.

This brand new book covers what to do when the neighbor has a bomb and is willing to use it against you to get your food stores… How to guarantee you escape a madman prowling a theater with an AR-15… and more.

Comes with 7 Free Survival Guides

  • The Modern Medicine Man
    Yours FREE 
    How To Make Your Own Penicillin And
    96 Pages Of Emergency Medical Training
  • Pioneer Preparedness
    Yours FREE 
    250 Pages Of Effective Survival Secrets Native Americans,
    Pioneers & Other Civilizations Used to Survive
  • Free Batteries For Life
    Yours FREE
    58 Pages Of Limitless Battery Life
    Why Bad News About Batteries = Good News For You
  • Penny Pincher Solar Solution
    Yours FREE
    53 Pages Showing You How To Avoid Expensive Solar Power
    Systems And Still Go Off-Grid Forever
  • Portable Power On The Go
    Yours FREE
    19 Pages Of Free-Energy Emergency Resources
  • Ultimate Home Defense Secrets
    Yours FREE
    41 Pages of Home Defense Secrets
  • Food Forever (Without a Garden)
    Yours FREE
    46 pages