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Hoffman Ritcher Fixed Talon Steel

Hoffman Ritcher Fixed Talon Steel

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This product is made out of solid 440C stainless steel with a modified Tanto tip that is perfect for self-defense AND bushcraft.

And the specially engineered pilot holes in the product allow it to quickly and effectively be made into a spear to put a little distance between you and an attacker or to keep you out of harm’s way from that prey you’ve been stalking through the woods. The Talon is a must have… and I want you to have this one at an insane discount!

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  • Full tang, fixed steel for balance and power: So that you can take on every job a steel product should... and even ones they shouldn't (like chopping and prying) without fear of the breaking your steel and ending up with a useless (and very sharp) paperweight.
  • High-grade 440C stainless steel maintains the perfect balance of edge retention and ease of sharpening, so you won't need to worry about struggling with dull steel out in the field.
  • Solid 5mm thick steel: This incredibly solid steel is virtually indestructible and the titanium coating gives an added layer of durability and rust resistance so it will last a lifetime of use!
  • American Tanto steel: This is the ultimate in defensive steel products. The Tanto tip design is perfect when penetration is key.
  • Beveled metal "no slip" grip so you never need to worry about losing your grasp on this incredibly sharp product even in the pouring rain or in close range combat.
  • Comes with a specially fitted, ultra durable, ambidextrous Kydex sheath that is equally at home strapped to your hip or on your gear.
  • Bonus: 1680D Ballistic Nylon Belt Sheath so that you can carry your Talon with you, especially when concealment is key.
  • ZERO PLASTIC Components to become brittle, break down, or wear out so you'll never need to worry about your knife failing or falling apart!

Limited edition: Each Talon is made by Hoffman-Richter in extremely small batches, with care and precision