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XL Stun Club

XL Stun Club

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3 Reasons The Stun Club
Is A Dangerous Flashlight

Reason #1: It Makes Criminals Lose Their Lunch

The Stun Club is superior to the cheap plastic lights you’d buy to light your home if the power went out. 

If you look closely at it you’ll see why… 

Notice anything about the front of the light? 

It’s made out of solid metal with thick ridges of raised aluminum. 

And those ridges aren’t decorative, either… 

They’re meant to be used for one purpose… 

To club someone over the head if you ever need to defend yourself from an attacker. 

This is exactly why the Stun Club is called a club. 

And this makes it a bonafide weapon for self-defense. 

Think about it this way… police carry billy clubs to subdue attackers. 

Which is why you can trust the Stun Club to help you knock the living daylights out of a creep who’s trying to take your wallet - or your life! 

And while the Stun Club is a club… that’s not what makes it the world’s most dangerous flashlight… 

Reason #2: It’s Especially Helpful If You’re Over 55

Once you know the truth about modern-day crime statistics you’ll realize why this “club” feature is so useful.

Ready for it?

Crime statistics show criminals are targeting people over 55 with increasing frequency.

And the reason why is scary. 

These criminals know they’re stronger and faster than the elderly. And they’re attacking them at night so they can rob, rape and murder them. 

All because they know if you’re over 55 you’re an easy target. 

Now here’s the good news - and it’s something these criminals don’t realize


Reason #3: It’s So Dangerous It Requires A Safety

If you’re skeptical that the Stun Club really is dangerous then this will put all your doubts to rest. 

The Stun Club isn’t just a baton or an ultra-bright light… 

It’s also a 5.8 Million Volt Stun Device!

All you do is press this button →

… and the Stun Club will roar to life with a sickening crackle.

A crackle that’ll give you confidence that the electricity now pulsing at the tips of your fingers.

This tool is especially useful since any person of any size can simply flip a switch and deliver a powerful electric shock to protect yourself instantly!


Product Specs For the XL Stun Club

The XL Stun Club is called “XL” simply because it’s bigger and badder than most flashlights.

From lumens, to length, to the size of its rechargeable battery… everything is bigger.

Here are the detailed specs on the XL Stun Club:


    • Big Enough to Scare: The XL Stun Club is a sturdy and beefy flashlight. At 14.5” and 1.32 pounds, the XL Stun club is heavy, and lengthy enough to deliver a wallop on a crook (assuming you don’t stun them first).

    • 100% Rechargeable: The XL Stun Club delivers 5.8 million volts of power over and over again for up to 2 continuous minutes. Meanwhile, the flashlight itself will work on “High” for up to 2 hours. 
      And when the power finally runs out, recharging the 18650 battery is as simple as plugging the light into a wall outlet (power cord included).


Now that you see how dangerous this defense tool is…

It’s time to get yours before they become impossible to own.


*Important Disclaimer*
Possession of this product is regulated or prohibited in some jurisdictions. If you have questions about the legality of this product in your city or state, it is recommended to contact your local police department before purchase.
I agree that I am 18+ years of age and do not live in Chicago, California, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina or Wisconsin. I also agree to take full responsibility regarding the use of this product and understand that this product is for self-defense only!